Vol. 9  No. 12 – August 2012

A Note for the Preacher

Bob Pulliam

     I found your note on the door the other day. I just imagine that you came  by to see why we were not at the services last Sunday. Well, I feel that I  should explain so there will be no misunderstanding. You know that one thing  we will never do is miss church without some kind of a real good reason.

 Last week was the birthday of the sister of my wife’s sister-in-law (by  her first marriage). We never miss attending any birthday in either of our  families. So we just had to be out of town. We left here in time to go to  worship over there, but they had early services at 10:30. Is it scriptural to  have them earlier? Well, anyway, we did not get to go that morning. We  planned to return early enough to make the evening services, but the children  raised such a ruckus that we stayed until 7:00 PM. The services started over  there at 7:30, but we had to leave in order to keep from staying out too late  with the kids.

Preacher, it would do you good to be out on the road on Sunday morning  sometimes. It would give you some idea as to how careless the world is about  worshiping Christ. Many of the people we passed had boats behind their cars.  Now you know they could at least have gone to services first. Think of all  the money they spent for motors, boats, and supplies. I wonder if they ever  thought of giving some of that money to the work of the Lord?

Don’t worry about us; I’m convinced that we should leave our contribution  here at home. We gave the new members across the street our $2.00 to put in  or us. I hope that they see it pays to be a regular and liberal giver and  attend the services regularly.

We will see you Sunday. Oops, I forgot! Deer season opens next week. But  after that we will see you every Sunday.

                                                                                                                                  (Signed: I. M. Weak)